Larry is our office cat, but you’d think he owned the building.

From time to time, Larry is also a life saver to his fellow feline friends by donating his own blood in emergency situations to save a life. So to us, Larry is more than just an office cat, he’s part of the team.

Don’t let his sweet face fool you, he has a little ornery streak. So every now and then you might see him sporting the latest technology in “Invisible Fencing” because he thinks it’s a good idea to open the corner of all the bags of cat and dog food that we have in the food room and lets the food spill out on to the floor.

Larry was added to our “staff” in 2005 and has probably been the most popular addition to Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital West since the day it opened in 1959!! (Um, don’t tell Dr. Carlson we said that).

Larry pretty much has the “run of the place”. One day he’ll be sitting up front greeting all of the pets that come in the door, or helping the receptionist check in patients, and the next day he’ll be in the back over-seeing the good Doctor’s work….or he’ll be in his room sleeping (yes, he has his own office). Be sure to check your pet carrier before leaving, Larry has been known to fall asleep in one every now and then if one is left open long enough.